International Conference – Literary Circulations in South Asia: Producing, Translating, Preserving Texts


9h30 Inaugural Session

Welcome address by IFP and the DELI team

Presentation of the DELI project

Introduction to the conference

10h Keynote address by Abhijit Gupta (Jadavpur University)

Two Centuries of Indian Print.

10h30 Coffee break

11h Session 1

Heleen De Jonckheere (Ghent University)

‘Examining Religion’ through Generations of Jain Audiences: The Circulation of the Dharmaparīkṣā Tradition.

Shalin Jain (Delhi University)

Constructing Knowledge and Circulating Perceptions: The Jain Vigyaptipatras in Early Modern South Asia.

Prakash V. (Inst. Français de Pondichéry)

Tinai: Love, Nature, Landscape. The Place and Its Development in Tamil Literary Tradition.

12h30 Lunch

14h Session 2

 Kedar Kulkarni (FLAME University)

The Manuscript and the Anthology in Colonial India.

Cezary Galewicz (Jagiellonian University)

The Veda, the Imperial Typography and Regional Print Cultures in Colonial India.

Catherine Servan-Schreiber (CNRS/CEIAS)

History of Publishing Indian Popular Literature: Printing andCirculation of Bhojpuri Chapbooks inside the North India Book Market Economy.

16h Session 3

Sushmita Banerjee (Delhi University)

Persian Taz̠kirāt-s and Circulation of Knowledge in Sixteenth Century North India: Tracing Narratives and History in the Ak̲h̲bār al-Ak̲h̲yār.

Zahra Shah (Governement College University, by Skype)

The Key to the Hearts of Beginners: Gender and Movement in an Eighteenth-Century Persian Text.


9h30 Session 4

Krupa Shah (IIT Gandhinagar)

Reading Hothal: Language Travel and Multilingualism.

Vinoth M. (Inst. français de Pondichéry) & Thiagarajan S. (Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College)

Challenges in Translating Sanskrit Drama: The Case of the Tamil Translation of Bhavabhūti’s Mālatīmādhava.

Ashokan C. Nambiar (Delhi University)

Producing a “New”: Kandathil Varghese Mappila (1858- 1904) and the Emergence of a Modern Literary Space    in Malayalam in Nineteenth-century Kerala.

11h Coffee break

11h15 Session 5

Namrata Rathore Mahanta (Banaras Hindu University)

The Journey of the Vrata Narrative in Vārāṇasi: From the Purāṇa-s to Popular Tracts.

Tanima Dey (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Text and Context: 18th Century Bengali Literary Culture in Cachar and Tripura.

Dhurjjati Sarma (Gauhati University)

Transcreating the Ramayana in Assamese: Madhav Kandali’s Satkanda Ramayana.

12h45 Lunch

14h Session 6

Marielle Morin (CNRS/CEIAS)

Reading between the Shelves: Books and Public Libraries in Colonial Bengal.

Debashree Dattaray (Jadavpur University)

Rearticulating Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Institutional and Cultural Practices in Karbi Anglong, Assam.

Jayadhir Thirumala Rao (Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Hyderabad)

The Indigenous Text and Preservation in Oral and Written Forms.

15h30 Coffee break

16h Final session: round table (chaired by Kannan M.

V. Geetha (essayist)

Dilip Kumar (Publisher and translator)

Kanchana Mukhopadhyay (Bingsha Shatabdi Publishers)

Shashikumar (School of Translation Studies and Training, IGNOU)

Rajesh Venkatasubramanian (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)

Organizing Committee:

Anne Castaing (CNRS/CEIAS), Nicolas Dejenne (U. Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3/IFP/MII), Claudine Le Blanc (U. Sorbonne Nouvelle- Paris 3/CERC), Ingrid Le Gargasson (U. Sorbonne nouvelle – Paris 3/MII/ CREM), Kannan M. (IFP).

with the support of CEIAS, MII and CERC.

Program_August Conference in Pondicherry_Final

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