Séminaire Littératures d’Asie du Sud – Teji Grover et Rustam Singh (24 mars 2017)

de 10h30 à 12h30

Ouvert à tous

BULAC salle RJ.24

65 Rue des Grands Moulins

75013 Paris


Teji Grover and Rustam Singh (IEA Nantes)

« Two Voices Under The Same Roof : Two Contemporary Hindi Poets »

In this presentation by two fellow Hindi poets, Teji Grover will talk about the rich literary world she inherited from her father and how, after his early death, she wandered into Hindi which was not a language she grew up with at home.  She will dwell on how she took to painting and the relationship she is trying to unearth between the two art forms, poetry and painting, with help from other poets/painters she takes her life-breath from. Rustam Singh will reflect on the origins of his urge for writing as a child being raised in an austere rural environment, when he was as deprived of the written word as he possibly could be. He will talk about how, little by little, he unearthed the inexhaustible world of poetry and was summoned into it by his own volition. Fear and a luminous darkness gripped him in the process of his discovery of writing. The talk will be followed by readings of poetry and the showing of paintings done by both poets.

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Séminaire 24-03 Grover et Singh

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